Appeal for Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine still going

24 June 2022

Appeal for Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine still going

Since EFDN’s appeal for Humanitarian Aid for the people of Ukraine -launched among all European professional football clubs- we received many donations and gifts from organisations all over Europe. Some clubs, like FC Schalke 04, Foundation 92 of Salford City FC, the AFC Wimbledon Foundation and Blackburn Rovers came even to Breda to deliver the materials collected by club, fans, and foundations.

As the conflict continues, our request to help the refugees in FC Shakhtar’s refugee shelter in the Lviv Arena is still in effect. This time we ask you to collect especially canned food products and cereal to provide the people living in the shelter a meal. Also disposable paper, (paper or plastic) plates and cups and household materials are very welcome. A full list of needed items can be found here.

Our #FootballforPeace Truck will drive again (for the third time) with a new shipment to the Shelter Centre at the Arena Lviv once we gathered enough materials.

Many thanks for your help!

About the Humanitarian Aid

EFDN together with Shakhtar Social and Legia Foundation (Warsaw) launched an appeal for humanitarian aid in support of Ukraine and its inhabitants. The donations were initially collected by or shipped to EFDN and via the Legia Warsaw hub and transferred to the Shelter Center in Lviv, Ukraine.

Lviv Stadium is in the far western part of Ukraine – where many homeless people have already fled. The Shelter Centre will seek to support and accommodate many of these people as they try to escape the horrors sweeping their country. To succeed, Lviv Arena urgently needs Europe’s clubs and associations to supply essential items.

Lviv Arena

Polish football club Legia Warsaw, together with their charitable arm Legia Foundation has already offered their stadium as a collection and distribution centre for these priority items. From there, Shakthar Donetsk will arrange for the items to be delivered to the Lviv Stadium. EFDN will act as coordinator for all clubs, leagues, FAs and fan groups that are willing to support this initiative.

Organisations that want to participate can contact EFDN at  to register their initiative and can then start immediately organising collections, or fundraising and purchasing priority items.  To manage the flow of all materials in good order, please contact EFDN before you ship your items to the Stadium of Legia Warsaw. 

We hope that a lot of football organisations will answer this call for support and that we can help the people in need in Ukraine. 


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