IF Elfsborg players visited Play Therapy Day

31 May 2023

IF Elfsborg players visited Play Therapy Day

Play Therapy Day was celebrated at Södra Älvsborg Hospital with a visit by both IF Elfsborg players Niklas Hult and Per Frick.

Play Therapy Day takes place on May 21st every year and is celebrated all over Sweden. Also present during the Borås celebration were the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, which offered grilled sausages and bread, and Team Rynkeby, which cycled in favour of childhood cancer.

“It’s fantastic to be able to tell the girls and boys who are with us that IF Elfsborg is coming to visit. The fact that we can help so that the children can meet their idols and that we have this collaboration with IF Elfsborg is incredible. Today we have had several children who are having a really tough time with their treatments here, and they get encouragement from the players who they perhaps never thought they would meet – that’s really important. Our mission at the play therapy is to try to bring the healthy and positive into the hospital, so that children who spend a lot of time in hospital can still enjoy their lives and have the chance to think about something other than their illness. “You get some strength and energy from play – because that’s how the children develop and process.”

Anna Eklund, play therapist at SÄS

Niklas Hult and Per Frick from IF Elfsborg were present and brought jerseys and footballs for the children, and also got to sign lots of autographs and take selfies. Something that was very much appreciated – both by the players themselves and the children.

“I always think it’s important to spread joy, whether it’s to children or adults, but of course, it’s extra fun to see the children’s joy when we’re here and get to meet them. Many of them are interested in football and think it’s fun when Elfsborg comes, so if you can do something to put a smile on their faces, it’s obviously extra special for us when there are children here who are sick and having a hard time. That’s exactly what the play therapy does here every day, all year round. Therefore, it is extra important for us to show our support to the play therapy and that Elfsborg helps in its own way and as an association can contribute to making it a little easier for the play therapy in its daily work. Whether it’s on Play Therapy Day, at Christmas or when the children get to come to a match, it’s just as important.”

Per Frick, football player at IF Elfsborg

“It means a lot to be able to give something back to children who are having a hard time right now, and hopefully give them some extra energy. It’s my first time here and you can see that it means a lot to the children. We’ve even had time to play a bit of football together, but Per and I were totally overwhelmed.”

Niklas Hult, football player at IF Elfsborg

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