International Human Fraternity Day 2024

4 February 2024

International Human Fraternity Day 2024

Today, we are celebrating the International Human Fraternity day. This day is a reminder of the importance of respect, mutual understanding among individuals and communities, regardless of their religious or cultural differences. At EFDN, we highly value the importance of improving cross-cultural relations. We believe that tolerance, pluralistic tradition, mutual respect, and the diversity of religions & beliefs promote human fraternity.

EFDN and human fraternity

Through projects such as Special Champions League and Walking Football League, we aspire to bring all the cultures together by showing the importance of being one team.

The EFDN Special Champions League has been shaped in line with the Special Olympics philosophy, and it is providing opportunities for participants to improve their physical health, increase their confidence, meet new people, learn about others, and establish social bonds. The Special Champions League is co-funded by Erasmus+. Through football, EFDN wants to get more young people with intellectual disabilities physically and socially active in their communities and increase integration and inclusion within society.

Another mentioned project, the Walking Football League delivers health-enhancing physical activity to people over the age of 50 years old, as well as provide opportunities to increase social inclusion levels, allowing them to lead a physically and socially active lifestyle.


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