Legia Foundation hosted charitable paddling competition raising 50,000€

17 January 2018

Legia Foundation hosted charitable paddling competition raising 50,000€

The event was a perfect example of the unity which characterises the big family of Legia Warsaw. On November 17, Legia Foundation, the Legia Warsaw Supporters Association, and a group of fans called „The Good People” [Dobrzy Ludzie] hosted a charitable paddling competition, which resulted in 50,000€ raised for a new life-saving ambulance for The Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw! It was the second time that Legia Foundation organised this event. During the first edition, we collected money to purchase ergometers and enable physical activities for disabled people.
Almost 400 participants grouped into 96 teams paddled on ergometers for 12 hours in total, with the aim to „sail” the length of the biggest river in Poland – Vistula, which flows for 1,047 kilometres. However, the competitive and sporting spirit that you can find everywhere at the Legia stadium gave the participants an extra boost of energy, so the final distance they covered was much longer and… exceeded 1,300 kilometres!
WDW-32But, of course, the paddling struggles were only the background for the real cause we gathered at our stadium on November 17. The reason behind everything we did that day was to raise money for a new ambulance, crucial for The Children’s Memorial Health Institute’s mission – one of the most important missions there are, that is to bring aid to ill children.
As one of the biggest children’s hospitals in Poland, the Institute treats over 200,000 severely ill kids every year. Each year, all of the Children’s Memorial Health Insitute’s ambulances travel 800,000 kilometres across the Poland, transporting sick and disabled children, including babies in incubators and dialysis patients.

Legia Foundation – #ReadyToHelp

We are happy and thankful to everyone involved in our paddling competition, as the participants’ generosity helped us raise over 50,000€ of the total 83,000€ needed for the purchase and set-up of the ambulance. We feel proud that yet again it was proved that there is nothing impossible for the Legia community. We’re #ReadyToHelp, and every day is good to start helping others!
We are pleased to announce that, together with „The Good People”, as a result of our further activities we have successfully collected 83,000€. The ambulance for The Children’s Memorial Health Institute will be purchased soon!

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