Legia Foundation kick-off their Scoring for Health programme

31 October 2019

Legia Foundation kick-off their Scoring for Health programme

Our member Legia Foundation organised their kick-off event of the Scoring for Health programme in the Business Club at Legia Stadium. The Pan-European programme was developed by EFDN to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle among children and their parents. 

Young participants from four Warsaw primary schools in Śródmieście, Wola and Praga, signed individual contracts for the Scoring for Health programme consisting of , in total, 12 classes of 260 children aged between 9 and 10. There is a perfect gender balance of 130 boys and 130 girls.

The Scoring for Health programme at the Legia Foundation covers participation in physical exercises and additional 11 thematic activities, including a visit to Warsaw Filters preceded by an additional lesson on water, joint exercises with parents in fitness clubs belonging to the Zdrofit programme partner, learning to read product labels during visits to Biedronka stores, developing healthy eating habits and preparing meals. The weight and growth of the participating children will be estimated at the beginning and end of the programme, which is planned for April 2020.

For the programme, Foundation collaborates with one sponsor from a supermarket network where visits will be organised for the participants and established additional 3 local partnerships.



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