New Membership Agreement with Werder Bremen

28 January 2015

New Membership Agreement with Werder Bremen

The European Football for Development Network has signed a new membership agreement with the German Club of Bremen, Werder Bremen.

Werder Bremen is a German sports club located in Bremen in the northwest German federal state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. The club was founded in 1899 and has grown to 40,400 members. It is well known for its football team.

Bremen’s football club has been a mainstay in the Bundesliga, the top league of the German football league system. Bremen have won the Bundesliga championship four times, their latest Bundesliga championship came in 2004. Bremen have also had European success, winning the 1992 European Cup Winners’ Cup. Bremen also reached the final match of the last edition of the UEFA Cup in 2009. During the mid-2000s, Bremen was one of the most successful teams in the Bundesliga, but the club has not played in a European competition since the 2010–11 campaign. Since 1924, Werder Bremen’s stadium is the Weserstadion.


Werder Bremen is the pioneer of corporate social responsibility in Germany’s national football league, and has an own department that organizes all the social projects. Their aim is to process all the everyday enquiries of the club-partners and –members, as well as the organization and development of new offerings, events and projects. Having a separate social department is special in the league; most of the clubs organize their CSR in the marketing or public relations department.

In 2012, Werder Bremen founded their own CSR-brand “Werder bewegt – lebenslang” (Werder mobilizes – a lifelong) to strengthen and professionalize the social competences of the club. The brand consists of six different areas with a great variety of topics. They organize and support projects for all people, no matter what age or social status. Aspects like environmentalism, dedication towards discrimination, healthy diet, movement and education are main topics of the projects. Every project is supported by one or two public characters who are popular because of their operations in the areas of sport, economy, politics, music and television.


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