One Love Campaign

17 March 2023

One Love Campaign

This weekend, football on Dutch fields is all about the ‘one love’ captain’s band. The band was conceived with the idea that there is a love for the game, football, from everyone.

The captain’s collar shows that in the world of football, there is no room for discrimination and racism, but rather there should be a connection between everyone who loves the sport. This weekend, the captain’s armband will be distributed to all professional clubs in the Netherlands to wear during their match. In this way, the Netherlands will show that everyone stands for connection in sport.
Behind the colours of the band there is a thought, on the band are six different colours. The colours symbolise: origin, colour, gender identity and sexual preference.

This year, it was chosen to hold the action in view of the international day against racism and discrimination.

The KNVB has come up with a plan to make football for all and in this it has devised 20 components divided into four complementary pillars: awareness, cooperation, signalling and sanctioning. The OneLove campaign focuses on awareness and, in addition to a campaign, is a training offer for amateur clubs with the theme: the power and opportunities of diversity.


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