Promoting health with the ADO Den HaaG-Storks

29 November 2023

Promoting health with the ADO Den HaaG-Storks

Last Sunday, 26 November 2023, ADO Den Haag‘s youth training was all about health, with the ADO Den HaaG-Storks, the G-soccer team, attending an inspiring training session. The meeting took place at the training complex ‘De Aftrap’ in the Zuiderpark.

At 2pm, the beaming players of the G-soccer team were warmly welcomed in one of the study rooms. Here began an engaging session on the theme of ‘Health’, where both parents and players came together to discover what healthy and unhealthy means, specifically aimed at players of a paid football organisation like ADO Den Haag.

The interactive session revealed wise insights for the young top players, such as the importance of sufficient rest and sleep, healthy eating and drinking, and avoiding excessive training. On colourful post-its, the enthusiastic players wrote down their favourite foods and drinks, categorised as both healthy and unhealthy. Participants engaged in a discussion about their choices, with topics such as gaming and enjoying pizza under the microscope. It was emphasised that enjoying and relaxing are also essential, in addition to adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

After this enlightening session, the players and players made their way to the pitch. An intensive training session followed, including a warm-up, passing and kicking exercises, and small game forms that amazed the supporters present. Goals flew around the supporters’ ears like a real treat.

The ADO Den Haag-Storks, now fully prepared and recharged, are eagerly looking forward to the next challenge in the Special Eredivisie. With a strong emphasis on health and well-being, ADO Den Haag is committed not only to football talent, but also to creating healthy, balanced athletes throughout the club community.


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