PSV Foundation launches lifestyle programme “Fit in the neighbourhood”

4 February 2022

PSV Foundation launches lifestyle programme “Fit in the neighbourhood”

With the help of the Brainport Partnerfonds, PSV Foundation launched the lifestyle programme ‘Fit in de buurt’. This free programme was developed to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. This is done through theory lessons and exercise together. Peter van Ginneken, former participant of Fit in de buurt, looks back with satisfaction on his participation. “In the beginning I found it quite exciting, but I really enjoyed the programme. I’ve gained a nice group of people with whom I still regularly exercise.”

Physical activity

A smile appears on Van Ginneken’s face when he thinks back to the programme. “I had just had an operation and wanted to start exercising again. Via the WijEindhoven foundation, I came into contact with the Fit in de buurt lifestyle programme. It appealed to me and I decided to sign up for it.” The programme consists of seven exercise activities. The programme consists of seven exercise activities, ranging from boxing or playing boules to going for walks. In addition, the participants follow a one-hour theory lesson each week. Topics such as nutrition, stress and sleep are discussed. During the lessons, the candidates are given a brief explanation of one of these subjects, after which they jointly work out how they can improve themselves in this area.

Everyone is welcome

Cooperation is the key word of the programme. So says Demi van Mulken, project manager of Fit in de buurt. “We try to promote a group feeling and bring neighbourhood residents into contact with each other. The target group is very broad. Everyone from 18 years old is welcome. We also find it important that there is a lot of diversity in the group. That way, everyone can learn something from the programme and from each other,” says Van Mulken.

Group spirit

Van Ginneken agrees that there is a group feeling. “We liked working together so much that we kept in touch afterwards. We still try to exercise with each other every week. We do this at a gym in the district. During sports, we often discuss subjects from the theory lessons. For example, one woman in our group would like to lose weight. We discuss nutrition and support each other in achieving their goals.”

Scaling up

“The threshold for registering yourself as an individual with a sports club is quite high, we know from research,” explains Van Mulken. “Through this free lifestyle programme we try to encourage people to exercise and create a healthy lifestyle.” Van Mulken explains that the programme can currently be followed in the Eindhoven districts of Tongelre and Woensel and in the municipality of Valkenswaard. “Our ambition is to reach the entire region with Fit in de buurt. We want to launch the programme continuously in different districts and municipalities in the future. That is why we are so grateful for the cooperation with Partnerfonds Brainport. Thanks to them, growth is possible. “


Van Ginneken has kept something extra from the programme. “I liked it so much that I signed up as a volunteer. From the next programme onwards, I will be the regular contact for participants during the practical afternoons. From March onwards, we can hopefully start working again. I urge everyone to participate.”


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