School Partnership Continues to Grow with Queen’s Park FC Foundation

9 June 2023

School Partnership Continues to Grow with Queen’s Park FC Foundation

We may have entered into a short period of time between one season ending and a new one starting however Queen’s Park’s relationship with local schools is very much still at work. Men’s First Team players Alex Bannon and Aaron Healy attended St Francis’ Primary on Old Rutherglen Road this week to support a fun-filled Football competition that was not just about medals and silverware.

The competition was all about using football to help deliver a positive attitude with Principal Teacher Mrs Anne McFadden

“Isobel McGilvery who runs the senior football team was inspired to not only develop the football skills of the pupils. She wanted to develop their teamwork and ability to manage emotions, as well as grow a positive approach to sport, with the belief that this would have a constructive impact on overall performance at school.”

“Each young person from our Primary 6 and 7 pupils who took part, committed to training 2 or 3 times a week arriving at school for 8.20am. That started in August 2022 and culminated with this week’s tournament where one of the Primary 6 teams won.”

“Our school have been working in partnership with Queen’s Park since 2021 and we were delighted to welcome Alex and Aaron. Our young people were excited to have the opportunity to meet them, learn about their journey and the hard work and dedication it has taken to become a professional athlete.”

“It was great of them to generously give their time to present the trophies. They are fantastic and inspiring role models for our young people who reinforced how important hard work and commitment are but also the importance of team-work and friends.”

Anne McFadden, Principal Teacher

“It was really nice of the people at St Francis to ask the club if we could be involved in their football tournament. Alex and Aaron were delighted to be asked to go along and share the messages the school have been sharing via their football sessions.”

“Our relationship with local schools has grown over the past couple of years and we look forward to it growing further.”

Kieran Koszary, Head of Commercial at Queen’s Park 

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