Scort Annual Report 2022

18 July 2023

Scort Annual Report 2022

Scort Foundation have shared their annual report 2022, highlighting last year’s projects.

The Scort Foundation is an operating organisation committed to the idea of a world where children can play sports despite difficult conditions, and have role models that inspire them. For the programme implementation, Scort cooperates closely with both governmental and non-governmental organisations and takes advantage of a broad network of specialists in the fields of sport, development cooperation, economics, science, politics and communication.

With the experience on how to link professional football with development work, Scort sensitises and consults different stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The focus of their work in the past year was on resuming their projects on-site. Together with the Football Club Social Alliance and the UN Refugee Agency, they carried out another project in Colombia. This project was implemented for the first time in a hybrid format, encompassing both on-site activities and online learning methods.

A second initiative in Colombia built upon an education programme from 2015/2016.
During the Follow-up, the Scort Team introduced new topics to the Young Coaches and refreshed old ones.

Furthermore, in 2022, they intensified their commitment to the “Sport for Refugees Coalition” in order to strengthen the recognition of sports in the displacement context in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency and the IOC Olympic Refuge Foundation.
Additionally, the team expanded their collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union, jointly developing recommendations to promote child online protection in sports organisations.

The Scort Team expresses their gratitude to everyone who accompanied them on their journey, recognising that their work would not be possible without the valuable support and collaboration of their sponsors and partner organisations.

Click here to download the Scort Annual Report 2022.


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