Sustainable Wooden Cups at the Wankdorf Stadium

30 January 2024

Sustainable Wooden Cups at the Wankdorf Stadium

In the future, Young Boys fans will be able to enjoy their drinks from sustainable wooden cups at the Wankdorf stadium, which will be processed into chipboard after use. With the replacement of the previous plastic cups by the world first of the Brügg (BE) company arboloom, YB is setting new standards in the sports world. As a result, around 11 tonnes of plastic waste can be avoided annually at the Wankdorf Stadium.

At BSC YB’s home games in recent years, drinks have been consumed in plastic cups. As a result, around one million pieces end up in the trash every year. With the aim of making the consumption of beverages at major events more climate-friendly and environmentally friendly, the start-up arboloom, based in Brügg BE, developed sustainable beverage cups made from growth wood in cooperation with Feldschlösschen Getränke AG. Its ecological footprint is three times lower than that of a plastic cup and 20 percent smaller than that of reusable cups, which are used around ten times on average. The cups are produced with FSC-certified wood from the EU and, after use, processed into chipboard for furniture by the company Swiss Krono from Menznau (LU), thus closing the cycle of the raw material.

The new sustainable beverage cups are now being introduced in stages. The first will be Sector C on 18 February 2024 at the YB home game against Stade Lausanne Ouchy.

“We are very grateful to our followers for their constructive feedback and proactive cooperation. We are very pleased that we can now use a very sustainable innovation in everyday life with the wooden cups.”

Wanja Greuel, CEO of BSC Young Boys

“The critical comments from fans last July spurred us on to greatly improve the product. The wooden cup is now also Super League level in terms of the drinking experience. We are confident that our commitment to a sustainable and full-fledged replacement for plastic cups will pay off for the climate.”

Natalia Röthlisberger, Managing Director of arboloom

“If a reusable cup is to be as good as an arboloom cup, it would have to be used at least 18 times. From this point of view, the arboloom cup is not only sustainable, but also thought-provoking.”

Alec von Graffenried, Mayor of Bern

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