Svensk ElitFotboll “Standing up for Football where Everyone is Welcome”

7 August 2023

Svensk ElitFotboll “Standing up for Football where Everyone is Welcome”

Svensk Elitfotboll participated in the Pride Parade on Saturday together with the rest of Swedish football and the sports movement.

“We are here to stand up for everyone’s equal value and at the same time show that we work for a football where everyone is welcome.”

Beatrice Clarke, Head of Sustainability at Svensk Elitfotboll

Participation in Pride is a stand against intolerance and in favour of joy, cohesion and love. Everyone should feel welcome in Swedish football – regardless of ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities. Swedish football wants football to be a meeting place, and for as many people as possible to be part of the community, joy and freedom that sport represents.

“We see it as a matter of course that everyone – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin colour or origin – feels welcome and safe in Swedish elite football. This is our common position in our values, and we want to emphasise this with our participation.”

Beatrice Clarke, Head of Sustainability at Svensk Elitfotboll

Svensk Elitfotboll works actively with its core values, where everyone’s equal value and the UN’s global goals for sustainable development play a central role. So do the 32 member clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan.

“The league and clubs have a great opportunity to influence and be positive role models in our society. The work of the league is integrated with the club, where we use football as a method for social change. We always try to be genuine and authentic and always focus on making society better for those who need us most. We are strong role models and we should be proud of that.”

Beatrice Clarke, Head of Sustainability at Svensk Elitfotboll

Two of the clubs that are LGBTQ certified are IK Sirius and IF Brommapojkarna. The diploma means that the organisation has undergone a training course in which a plan has been developed for the organisation to deal with issues relating to norms linked to gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.

“We are proud to have completed this training programme under the auspices of the municipality. The LGBTQ certification is an important step in our eternal task of being a welcoming and sustainable club.”

Said Club Manager Christer Abrahamsson to IK Sirius website when the certification was completed.

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