The Changing Room Returns To Ibrox

23 January 2023

The Changing Room Returns To Ibrox

Rangers Charity Foundation was delighted to bring The Changing Room to Ibrox in 2022 for the first time and will be launching a second 12-week course on Monday 6 February that invites men to step down from the stands, into the heart of their club, to take action for their mental health.

The Changing Room has one goal – to promote men’s mental health and wellbeing through the power of football.

“We recognise the role football can play in bringing people together and helping people with their health and wellbeing. 

“We already run weekly virtual Team Talk sessions for mental health and wellbeing and are really pleased to have added an already established, successful programme to our range of community activity under our expanding ‘Foundation for Healthy Lives’ pillar so we can reach and help more people.”

Jordan Boyd, Community Programmes Manager at the Rangers Charity Foundation

The project targets men in their middle years (aged 30-64) and works to help guys better self-manage their mental health and support one another, as part of a team. These sessions are a chance to get away from everyday stresses and chat about football and mental health at the home of Rangers Football Club.  Lots of us like a blether about pre-match tactics, team selection, or post-match analysis with your pals. But men also need to get the stuff that’s bothering them off their chests. The Changing Room is here for them.

The Changing Room is a SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) project that works in partnership with SPFL Trust and football club charities and trusts across Scotland. It is funded by the global men’s health charity, Movember.

This exciting course uses the power of football and a variety of activities each week to help men tackle their mental health.

“I don’t know at what point it clicked for me, but it did. I built a brilliant network of friends and I hadn’t had as much fun as I had in ages.

“Since coming along to the Changing Room I’ve came on leaps and bounds, I’ve sought professional advice, rekindled friendships and I’ve been open about my emotions with my family; I feel that I’m as close to them as I’ve ever been.”

Programme participant, 2022

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