Watch us do it! KRC Genk scoring on a social level

7 May 2024

Watch us do it! KRC Genk scoring on a social level

Every Wednesday afternoon, KRC Genk shows how the spirit of fair play can give young people a sense of self-worth and how sport is a drivers for social innovation, inspiring also other European top clubs.

To achieve that, KRC Genk created the Well-being Cup: a competition for vulnerable young people that is all about fair play and respect.

More than 160 children and young people from different institutions took part in said football competition throughout the season, playing matches against each other every Wednesday afternoon on the club’s grounds, in KRC Genk equipment.

Thanks to this special competition, the players learned to believe in themselves. And that is necessary, especially when you know that the participants all have a tough story: a disability, a difficult childhood, a complex home situation or other struggles.

The Well-being Cup is a safe environment in which young people forget their worries for a while and learn to deal with agreements, profit and loss, and with each other. They become part of a close-knit team, discover who they are and what they can do. Every training session the players gain self-confidence and become a little more resilient.

KRC Genk, with the help of our network as EFDN, visits other clubs to learn about their social projects and to inspire them with their own activities and initiatives.


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