Speak Out- Youth Report Sexual Abuse

Speak Out- Youth Report Sexual Abuse

Youth Report Sexual Abuse

Sexual harassment and violence is currently far too common
on our streets, in our homes, and in our schools. Government
is fully committed to changing this. Our goal is to eliminate this
unacceptable behaviour. Men and women, boys and girls,
should be treated as equals and with respect and the caring
they each deserve.
This Speak O ut! (handbook) has been written specially to help
you, our precious youth, handle any sexual abuse you may
encounter while at school or at home. It will help you understand
what Sexual Harassment and Violence is so that you are quickly
able to recognise it. It will also guide you to the steps you must
take so that the person guilty of sexual abuse is forced to
stop and to face the consequences of his/her unacceptable
behaviour. An extensive list of useful contacts will also help
connect you to people specially trained to assist you handle
sexual harassment or violence.

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