23 May 2017 - 28 May 2017
NEC Special Day : Verschillende verenigingen met speciaal sportaanbod verzorgen tijdens de Special Day@N.E.C. gastlessen om te laten zien dat er voldoende sportmogelijkheden zijn voor kinderen met een beperking. Foto : William Moore


From the 23rd until the 28th of May, the international special football tournament, “Nobody Offside”, will be hosted by N.E.C in Nijmegen.

N.E.C is strongly supporting people with a mental handicap. To do this, the Dutch football club is cooperating with EFDN, Brownies & downieS, Uniek Sporten regio Nijmegen and the Entrepreneur Society of the region Nijmegen (OSNRN).

To the “Nobody Offside” Tournament, different professional and amateur football clubs will send twelve teams from a variety of countries. The participants do not only take part in the tournament but also attend a variety of workshops, including cooking sessions and lessons on self-presentation skills. The Nobody Offside event follows the objective of providing the participants with the possibility to develop important “Lifeskills”. N.E.C and its partners hope to have created a programme, which gives the young people a possibility to participate even better into society.