AEK FC and AmKE IASIS for the “Values through sports are a weapon against bullying” seminar

11 March 2024

AEK FC and AmKE IASIS for the “Values through sports are a weapon against bullying” seminar

AEK FC and Urban Non-Profit Company (AmKE) IASIS on the 6th of March launched their collaboration for the design of new social responsibility actions aimed at confronting the growing adolescent violence and strengthening youth empowerment through education and sports.

The cooperation is multi-level and important initiatives are expected to be implemented in 2024, which include educational workshops for children and teenagers, information and awareness actions and community strengthening programs with the main goal of cultivating the culture of non-violent communication and mutual respect among teenagers.

Their first joint action was the seminar “Values through sports are a weapon against bullying”, held in the Press Office of the OPAP ARENA.

The seminar was opened with “The phenomenon of juvenile violence in Greece: From understanding to prevention” with a presentation on school bullying and juvenile violence, followed by a presentation on the role of the family.

This first session was followed by the “Good practices and proposed intervention plan”, second thematic session of the day.

Closing the seminar was the developing of the topic of “Football as a means of individual development and social empowerment”.

Find more information on the seminar here, and the full video of it on youtube.


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