‘Almere for Almere’ donated 500 Kidsclub memberships

4 January 2022

‘Almere for Almere’ donated 500 Kidsclub memberships

Almere for Almere’ by Almere City FC donated 500 Kidsclub memberships of the football club to children who live below the poverty line. The donation was part of a Sinterklaas campaign in cooperation with Rotary Almere, Stichting Wensjes, VoedselLoket Almere and the Salvation Army. Founder Robin Sluijter of SenS Online Solutions is the initiator and handed over a cheque to project manager Mirjam de Rooij of Rotary Almere and Almere City FC captain Tim Receveur.

The project ‘Almere for Almere’ of Almere City FC is financed by the business club members of Almere City FC. With the raised amount actions will be set up that aim to give a boost to socially vulnerable groups in Almere. Football is of course the starting point. The memberships were wrapped up in the form of presents by ROC students in a warehouse on the Huchtstraat in Almere and were delivered a few days later.

,,With this Kidsclub membership we don’t just give the children, who live below average, a nice Saint Nicholas party. We also make sure they can enjoy a year of fun and educational activities at Almere City FC, in which the city of Almere plays a leading role. SenS is happy to contribute in this way.”

SenS Online Solutions, Robin Sluijter

“This gift for children living in poverty goes beyond a mere present on Sinterklaas Eve. A whole year of activities and wonderful experiences have a huge effect on the development of these children.”

Project leader Mirjam de Rooij of Rotary Almere

Kidsclub ‘De Eigenwijsjes

Almere City FC is the ultimate challenger and the youngest club in professional football. Furthermore, Almere is a ‘New Town’; a new and growing city with a young population, great diversity and with enormous growth potential in all areas. Almere City FC would like to increase its fan base among the youth of Almere. The club and Loogman Carwash do this with the kidsclub ‘De Eigenwijsjes’ and club mascot Ally the Monkey. With Loogman Carwash as sponsor of the kids club, the starting point is to strengthen the children’s personal growth for a whole season in a sustainable, fun and playful way, in line with themes such as healthy eating, participation in nature, education and exercise. A ‘fan for life’ is the best potential ambassador or as they say at Loogman; we want to be ‘Friends forever’.


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