Almere City FC

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Almere City FC

Yanmar Stadion

Competitieweg 20

1318 EA Almere

The Netherlands

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Almere City FC

With a history of only 15 years, Almere City FC is the youngest professional football club in the Netherlands. Our main and strategic community programme ‘Almere & The City’ consists of 8 projects addressing local social issues. The city of Almere is a so-called ‘New town’ with 210.000 inhabitants. Founded just 40 years ago with a fast-growing diverse population. Facing known and specific challenges.

Goals of Almere & the City

  • Social cohesion
  • Vitality
  • Job employment & education
  • Isolation and loneliness seniors
  • Participation & inclusion
  • City pride

Our mission

We believe that vitality, both physical as well as mental, is a key driver for healthy, happy and prosperous lives. Together with businesses, the city of Almere, community services and citizens, Almere City FC can boost social and economic vitality in the city of Almere. Let’s build this City!

”In English: Almere is a city in full development, and the same applies to Almere City FC. On the sports front, the bar is raised higher every season, including for our activities beyond the lines. Together with our presenting partners Rabobank Almere, Enreach, and Breedveld & Schröder, we initiate, facilitate, and organize numerous community projects that benefit the city. Here, where the city and football intersect, Almere & the City begins.”