Cagliari Calcio Adheres to “Let’s play in advance” programme

20 October 2022

Cagliari Calcio Adheres to “Let’s play in advance” programme

Preventing violence in sport: Cagliari Calcio adheres to “Let’s play in advance”, the project of the CIPM – Italian Center for the Promotion of Mediation – funded and sponsored by the Department for family policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Primary objective is the protection of minors: CIPM specialists will hold a series of educational meetings with the aim of providing information on the issues of maltreatment and sexual abuse in sports. Involved coaches, parents, young athletes. The rossoblù Club, among the first in Italy to take part in the initiative, participates with its youth sector: the team groups from U17 to U13, the related technical-managerial staff. Over 200 people: the first of the appointments – scheduled until March – took place at the Assemini Sports Center, held by Daniela Simonetti, founder of the “Pink Horse” association and member of the FIGC’s Minors Protection Commission.

Among the topics covered: the relevant regulations, how to recognize situations of potential danger; the importance of parents in always carefully watching over the environments frequented by their children. For young people, the invitation to always discuss issues that can be emotionally difficult to deal with.

According to WHO data, up to 1 billion minors between the ages of 2 and 17 suffered physical, emotional or sexual violence or neglect in 2017. More studies show that child abuse and violence are pervasive phenomena also in the sports field. The world of Sport, which should be an educating and training community, is increasingly affected by the phenomenon of abuse due to the silence around the victims, the absence of effective and stringent training protocols, the lack of prevention and repression measures by of sports institutions.

The culture of secrecy and deference often facilitates the abuse, covering up these phenomena, hindering the victims from coming forward. The fear of retaliation, the fear of having to abandon the sport, the misunderstanding, sometimes real forms of persecution of the victim by those who should guarantee protection and safety, the worry of not being believed especially when the abuser is a prominent figure in the sports world, constant devaluation, complicates the path of the complaint by young athletes dominated by the figure of their coach, coach, trainer.

“Finally, the actions to combat violent conduct with” Giochiamo d’Anticipo “allow us to start awareness-raising courses on these delicate, painful and submerged issues, towards the technical staff, athletes and parents who have the task of guaranteeing a healthy and protected environment for boys and girls, girls and boys ”, said Susanna Murru of the CIPM Sardinia Association.

“With its” BeAsOne “program, Cagliari is always at the forefront of raising awareness and promoting the values ​​of sport”, said Elisabetta Scorcu, Head of Events and Initiatives and Supporter Liaison Officer of the Club. “Thanks to the project” Giochiamo d ‘ advance ”we want to expand our commitment to the protection of minors and ensure that football is a safe sport, a positive and fun experience for all children and all young people in our youth sector. An important six-month project involving over 130 athletes, 50 coaches and managers and all the parents of the 5 teams involved. This is a path that is in line with the indications of the FIGC, Fifa and Uefa and enhances the attention paid to this very important issue “.

“Giochiamo d’Anticipo” has CIPM Emilia aps among its partners; CIPM Sardegna – Association for restorative justice; The Circle of Relations Soc. Coop. Soc. Of Genoa; The Pink Horse odv of Milan. In addition to Cagliari, the project involves sports clubs, parents and minors from the cities of Milan, Piacenza and Genoa.


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