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Cagliari Calcio

Cagliari Calcio is the most important team in Sardinia, an island known for its millenary history and for its strong bond with its inhabitants. The club is a unique case in the Italian league because it is the only club that represents an entire region: from the north to the south of the island every Sardinian feels represented by the red and blue colors.

For all these reasons Cagliari Calcio is aware to have a great responsibility and the club’s aim is to make the fans proud to be part of a big family that shares values such as respect, inclusion, and sustainability, in and out of the pitch. The Italian side believes in the ethical meaning of sport and because of this strong conviction, they have made a project called “Scuola di Tifo”, promoting a new way for children to experience games. For the first time, a sector of an Italian stadium has opened a sector reserved for children, where they can support their team while singing and having fun. This sector, made by Fondazione Carlo Enrico Giulini with Cagliari Calcio and Infront, is called “Curva Futura” and it has 136 seats available for children only.

Sardinia and Cagliari represent one unique heart, as they live on an island rich in unspoiled landscapes with an amazing quality of life and the club’s purpose is to protect the environment to leave it to our children as we found it. The club is committed to promoting a sustainable approach in everyday life, starting from eliminating plastic at the stadium during matches to initiatives that involve cleaning public places and beaches.

Sustainability, of course, but not only that. Inclusion is also one of our founding values. Cagliari Calcio, with his “Casteddu4Special”, participates in the project “Quarta e Quinta Categoria” organized by the FIGC Division of Paralympic and Experimental football for athletes with disabilities. Cagliari Calcio also condemns all forms of discrimination, prejudice, and violence. On the second-to-last game of the season just ended, the club proudly joined the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia, decorating the emblem on the shirt with a rainbow frame: the only team to do something like this in Serie A. The club strongly believes in the need to start a cultural revolution to protect the dignity of every person.

Cagliari Calcio has always stood out for initiatives with a high social impact. Our stances in favor of the LGBTQI community and against all forms of discrimination somehow paved the way to other Italian teams and we have received many awards that clearly show our commitment. Cagliari are happy to share the knowledge we have acquired in these years with the other members of the community, in order to exchange knowledge that matches a win-win logic.

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Cagliari Calcio is thus strongly committed to promoting ethnic and religious tolerance in every place of his activities. A goal that the club pursues under the motto Love as One by spreading values as mutual understanding between different cultures, fighting all forms of racism, xenophobia, and violence. This commitment must always be supported by fans even in sports competitions, avoiding all forms of physical and verbal violence. The club participates with pleasure in activities such as “Humanity has only one face” and “Keep racism out”, together with the Serie A League. As well as making targeted initiatives during International Day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.


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