Breaking Barriers through Football Exchange Preparation Meeting

16 April 2018

Breaking Barriers through Football Exchange Preparation Meeting

Football for development programmes are providing people from different backgrounds with valuable tools to actively make a difference in their lives.

Using the power of football, on the 17th of April 2018, staff and youth leaders from EFDN members Feyenoord Rotterdam, Aberdeen FC, Everton FC and SL Benfica will come together in Rotterdam to prepare the Breaking Barriers through Football Youth Exchange that will take place in Rotterdam from 13th until 19th of May 2018.

The preparation meeting will provide a platform to work in collaboration on the planning process for the exchange programme. Key elements of the planning process include finalising the exchange programme schedule, selecting topics for the group discussions, plan the cultural evenings and ice breaker activities.

In addition to the preparation meeting the group will conduct a site visit of the accommodation and work towards implementing a code of conduct and Health & Safety regulations for the exchange programme.

Breaking Barriers through Football Youth Exchange

Breaking Barriers through Football exchange programmes aim to bring 24 young people and 8 staff members of 4 different countries together to promote the involvement of young people in their communities, to discuss the potential barriers that young people are facing in their lives and to diverse and share various strategies to overcome these barriers.

The international youth exchange will be addressing the most pressing issues for young people through participating in the exchange and contributing to individual and collective positive social change on a European scale.

The exchange is being funded by Erasmus and supported by EFDN.


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