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 A Staff Exchange based on football is a unique experience for both the participants as well as the organisation and all people involved. The participants get together to exchange ideas and methodologies, to share best practices and experiences and – if applicable – to compose a small practice guide with inspiring projects and training methodologies to enhance the quality of sport based social inclusion programs for youth in general and children with disabilities. Such a practice guide will enhance and diverse the quality of local projects for youth with special needs and disabilities.

In addition, the staff members share experience regarding involvement of young people in their communities. They execute many outdoor activities, play football, experience the city in which the Exchange is organised and learn about life of young people from different countries and cultures. The Exchange allows the participants to (further) develop individual competences; discover new cultures, habits and life-styles through peer-learning; strengthen values like solidarity, democracy and friendship. Also, the participants learn more about an organisation’s overall capability when working well together and meanwhile expand their network, which may help them out in the future. The programme is also a chance to evaluate a staff member’s ability to integrate, to build relationships, and to find out whether he or she (truly) has potential for a leadership position.

The exchange programmes are organised in partnership with the National Erasmus Agencies and the participant’s learning experiences are recognised through a Youth Pass qualification.



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