CAFE Week of Action 2018

30 January 2018

CAFE Week of Action 2018

The CAFE Week of Action is a unique opportunity for clubs, venues, federations and supporters groups to celebrate disabled people and the important role they can play in both football and the wider society.
This season’s CAFE Week of Action will take place between 3 – 11 March 2018 and CAFE will again be using the hashtag #totalaccess to share stories from across Europe and beyond. The aim for this season’s initiative is for even more countries to get involved and join the celebrations of access and inclusion.
CAFE invite all of last season’s participants to join us again in conveying the message of Total Football Total Access.
Furthermore, if you haven’t joined in with the CAFE Week of Action celebrations previously then this is a great opportunity to get involved!
Please visit CAFE Week of Action 2018 for the information pack.
CAFE Week for Action

 Why get involved?

The CAFE Week of Action is about celebrating inclusion in the game that we love, and working towards ensuring disabled people can take their rightful places amongst their peers within CAFEfootball – from the grassroots to the boardrooms – as spectators, players, coaches, administrators, volunteers, and decision makers.

The CAFE Week of Action belongs to you, our key stakeholders – disabled fans and their groups, football clubs, leagues and the national associations. This is a great opportunity to present a positive story of inclusion and access.
The message of Total Football Total Access has continued to spread across Europe and beyond, with an ever-growing number of disabled people enjoying live football.

Total Football Total Access is not just a motto – it is what the game should be aspiring to achieve.

 CAFE is pleased to promote and celebrate the activities and initiatives who share their belief in Total Football Total Access. CAFE can also help and advise you on any events and projects you may be planning and the organisation will be pleased to share them widely amongst their networks to help further raise awareness.
If you would like to discuss your ideas further with CAFE, feel free to contact us by email to, or call +44 (0)20 8621 2405.

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