EFDN teams up with new partner Upshot

28 September 2020

EFDN teams up with new partner Upshot

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) will be working with new monitoring and evaluation partner Upshot to increase understanding and raise the quality of impact observed from EFDN programmes across Europe.

The Upshot promise is that it makes the monitoring and evaluation of programmes simpler, giving organisations more time to concentrate on delivery. The application allows for tracking of personal and project progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) ultimately proving the impact an organisation’s work is having on participants and communities.

EFDN staff, member clubs and their community staff are among those who have already benefited from initial training on how to use the platform. Clubs implementing the Community Champions League and Welcome Through Football programmes underwent the training in early September. Those associated with Scoring for Health and Show Racism the Red Card projects have also been given initial trainings.

While using the Upshot platform, EFDN and its partners will manage project information with the ability to record personal and demographic participant data; complete session registers on the move on any device and track personal outcomes and milestones achieved. Similarly, monitoring is available with the option to set KPIs and measure performance against deadlines; view participant data in real time; create, send and compare surveys and create strategic plans. Additionally, with regard to evidence, projects can generate statistics at the click of a button; upload photos and videos to tell the story behind the numbers; map projects and beneficiaries to show reach and create case studies and impact reports.

“We are creating an impact on people’s lives in communities all across Europe through our programmes. It is important for us to measure and raise the impact of our programmes. The first training sessions have proven that Upshot is a user-friendly system that will help us and our members to learn more about the work that we deliver and make reporting easy for everyone,” said Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN Foundation.

Upshot was built by The Football Foundation with the initial aim of enabling football coaches and administrators to capture data easily and quickly, and to evidence their impact on their communities. It is a cloud-based, online system which helps sport and non-sport organisations manage data, improve performance, track progress and report against outcomes in real time, on any device. Upshot is now used by over 800 organisations across the world including local government, youth charities and universities, as well as for many sport clubs and Sport for Development programmes. Upshot is more than a system – our vision is to make monitoring, evaluation and learning easy for everyone. We are particularly delighted to partner with EFDN and its members, to support their inspiring programmes which evidence the power of football to change lives”, said Preeti Shetty, Head of Upshot.


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