EITC and Merseyside Police’s trainee detective programme returns

29 March 2023

EITC and Merseyside Police’s trainee detective programme returns

Students between 13 and 14 took part in the Trainee Detective project, which has been developed by Everton in the Community and Merseyside Police’s Project Medusa team.

Sixteen budding student detectives from Everton in the Community programmes investigated a “knife crime incident” in Liverpool as part of an initiative designed to help young people make the right decisions in the future and equip them to recognise the signs of criminal exploitation.

The programme was designed to raise awareness of criminal exploitation and demonstrated how young people can be manipulated and exploited by those causing misery in some of our poorest communities through criminality and violence.

Young people navigated their way through a fictional criminal case put together by experienced detectives to investigate. They investigated a mock ‘criminal incident and took part in a wide range of police activity. This included interviewing suspects and witnesses, visiting the crime scene to eventually bringing the suspect to Liverpool Crown Court for trial.

The innovative project began in 2019 and aims to intervene early and safeguard young people and vulnerable adults from getting involved in crime such as county lines, antisocial behaviour and gangs.

A below is a selection of images of the young people forensically investigating a crime scene at Stanley Park, over the road from Goodison Park. 


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