FC Utrecht rewarded for healthy sports environment

4 May 2023

FC Utrecht rewarded for healthy sports environment

FC Utrecht was rewarded for a healthy sports environment at Zoudenbalch Sports Complex and received three top performance badges.

The top performance badges show that the complex prioritises healthy food, a smoke-free sports ground and a responsible alcohol policy. With this, the club is taking a big step forward in becoming the most vital club in the Netherlands. FC Utrecht has secured the top performance badges in the areas of nutrition, smoking freedom and responsible alcohol policy.

The Dutch football club joined forces with JOGG in 2021 to work together in a healthy sports environment. Using the JOGG-Teamfit methodology, the club from the Dom city rolled up its sleeves and started working with a Teamfit coach, for which it is now being rewarded.

“The hard work we have done to create a healthy and safe sports environment here at Sportcomplex Zoudenbalch is now paying off,” Wiss said. “Now that we have been able to receive these badges, it shows that we are on the right track. In recent years, in cooperation with JOGG, we have been able to properly implement the Teamfit working method. After all, we as FC Utrecht employees have an exemplary role and in this way we contribute to the development of Utrecht talents.”

Stijn Wiss, Canteen Manager at Official Food Partner Compass Group

“This tastes like more. Next period, we will work together to also inspire and motivate Partner Clubs to commit to a healthy sports environment for everyone. Playing football in a healthy sports environment, we all want that and it should be possible for everyone.”

Nynke Bakker, Strategy & Innovation Manager at FC Utrecht

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