5 September 2023


The “Inclusive Sports Day” took place on Saturday 2 September in the Jahn-Kampfbahn right next to the planetarium. The blind footballers of FC St. Pauli were actively represented by section leader Serdal Celebi and coach Wolf Schmidt. On Sunday 3 September, blind football was played for the first time at “Kicken mit Herz” Kicking With Heart” and at the “Active City Festival” on Saturday 9 September, the FCSP blind football department is also represented and offers opportunities to participate.

In pleasant outdoor conditions, a wide variety of sports could be tried out in the city park at the “Sport Day Inclusive”, which is organised annually by the Hamburg Sports Association (HSB), the Hamburg Athletics Association (HLV) and the Hamburg Sports Association for the Disabled and Rehabilitation (BRSH). Dribbling, passing and penalty goal shooting were the three skills tested as part of the Blind Football Badge. The special thing about blind football is the cooperation between sighted and non-sighted players, without which there would be no blind football. By putting on dark glasses, the interested visitors could slip into the role of a blind footballer and experience how difficult it is to dribble a ball without being able to see it.

It is the small, special and precious moments when sport touches the soul. Young sports day visitors played goal kicking games according to their own rules, masquerading themselves as goalkeepers because Serdal Celebi had previously played as a blind field player himself. Normally, goalkeepers must be able to see, but if the players shoot carefully, even blind goalkeepers can hold a ball and the free game resembles goalball. Serdal’s son put on his dark glasses for the first time and played football with his dad the way only he can play – blind football.

Blind football in Hamburg has been around almost as long as “Kicken mit Herz” and on Sunday 3 September there was a premiere at the 15th edition of “Kicken mit Herz” in the Hoheluft stadium. At the beginning of the second half, six players of the Hamburg Allstars and six players of the Placebo Kicker, the medical team of the UKE, played against each other for the first time in the dark and with a rattle ball. Celebi was able to lead the Hamburg Allstars to victory a few minutes after kick-off with his goal after a beautiful solo dribble to tie the game at 4:5. 3500 spectators cheered his goal.


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