Good results for ”Fitter with Feyenoord” participants

11 August 2018

Good results for ”Fitter with Feyenoord” participants

On the day that the club existed for 110 years, 39 supporters of Feyenoord celebrated their achievements in the final event of the “Fitter with Feyenoord” programme. In 110 days, the 39 supporters worked on a healthier lifestyle through the lifestyle coaching programme.

After a final training, the final outcomes of every participant were announced and celebrated. In total, the group had a decrease of the abdominal circumference by 279 centimetres and all 39 participants lost together 137 kilogrammes. An achievement that everyone can be really proud of.

One of the participants said: ‘’Everyone wants to be fitter, so do I. I work on the tram and I sit for most of the day. That is the reason why I participated in the programme and the club really pushed me to move more and live healthier.’’

Dennis Besems, Project coordinator Sport en Gezondheid is really positive and said: ‘’I think we caused quite a impact with these people. To support them to get fitter, make healthier choices, and let them live a healthier lifestyle.’’

After this first programme, Feyenoord will continue with a new group as part of the EFDN Active Fans programme, that is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Sport programme. Together with 8 other EFDN clubs, they will provide a new 12-week programme to get fans between 35 and 55 years old, physically active and in better shape.


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