Football Memories Symposium in Tilburg

23 September 2021

Football Memories Symposium in Tilburg

On 7 October 2021 Willem II, Willem II Betrokken and the Library LocHal will organise a symposium about the Football Memories project in the LocHal, in Tilburg, Netherlands. In a multifaceted programme participants will get to know the backgrounds and experiences of Football Memories.

In a full afternoon programme, Jeroen Latijnhouwers, chairman of the day and Willem II supporter, will discuss topics like social involvement in sports, how the brain works when retrieving sports memories and, of course, the Football Memories project itself. With guest speakers Rolph Dols (Tilburg municipality), Martin van Geel (Willem II), Aukje Geubbels (Eredivisie), Robin van den Kieboom (GGZ Eindhoven and Tilburg University) and Arjen Pijfers (Football Memories), it promises to be an interesting afternoon. The symposium will be interspersed with musical interruptions and small intermezzos.

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Football Memories
From the end of 2018, Willem II started the first project in the Netherlands. The idea is for supporters who are dealing with old age, dementia, memory loss or loneliness to get together. Under the guidance of volunteers, they will reminisce about special events, highs and lows and players from the club.

Everyone is welcome to attend the symposium. Participation is free. Registration is possible until 25 September.


Willem II – Football Memories

Every two weeks about 30 elderly people, who are lonesome or have senile dementia, gather in the stadium to ...