#FootballPeople Action Weeks – The FARE Network

4 October 2017

#FootballPeople Action Weeks – The FARE Network

 #FootballPeople Action Week Starts Tomorrow!

The Football People action weeks are a two week pan-European campaign focused on tackling discrimination in football and using the game to educate for tolerance, inclusion and diversity. This two week period starts tomorrow on 5th October and lasts until 19th October.

Year after year, The Fare Network is proud to see the Football People Action Weeks movement grow with the help of human rights organisations, ethnic minority groups, clubs, leagues, players, football associations and individuals in Europe and beyond.

Get involved in the largest anti-discrimination and social inclusion campaign in Europe!

Clubs, leagues and Football Associations willing to join the Fare action weeks can:

  • Send a photo of a leading player in a Football People t-shirt and a quote
  • Produce videos with their players sending messages against discrimination
  • Implement on-pitch activities: using ethnic minorities as children mascot; captains reading messages against discrimination; players warming up and line-up with Football Peoplet-shirts, banners, etc.
  • Dedicate a match to the campaign
  • Work with ethnic minorities / refugees / socially excluded groups
  • Invite ethnic minorities / refugees / socially excluded groups to a game
  • Q&A sessions with (ex) players around diversity and inclusion in football / workshops / conferences
  • Encourage fans to host a choreography
  • Support the campaign on social media using the hash tag #FootballPeople

Educational organisations can also join by:

  • Organising lectures on racism and discrimination in relation to football
  • Devise a quiz about diversity and migration of the local club/team
  • Research the history of Roma, Jews or other minority groups in your local club
  • Produce exhibitions celebrating women/ethnic minorities in football
  • Host guided tours or visits to memorials, museums or other

Football fans are the heart of the game and in many countries they are among the most progressive voices. During recent Football People weeks, football fans tackled the rise of nationalism and far-right movements inside stadiums through fan choreographies and promoted the inclusion of refugees through fundraising and playing initiatives. The promotion of LGBT+ rights and gender equality has also been increasingly part of their agenda.

Share what your club or foundation is doing for the #FootballPeople Action week!


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