GNK Dinamo Nema predaje organised football tournament with focus on gender equality

12 March 2024

GNK Dinamo Nema predaje organised football tournament with focus on gender equality

GNK Dinamo Nema predaje Foundation has celebrated Women’s day in a special way. The foundation and Women’s Dinamo Zagreb Football Club have organised “Living my dream” football tournament in order to showcase the importance of togetherness, gender equality not only on the football field but also in society in general.

The football tournament featured an engaging series of matches filled with captivating actions, skillful moves, and a positive atmosphere. The emphasis on FAIR PLAY, team collaboration, and a healthy competitive spirit created an enjoyable environment. Each team, comprising two girls and two boys, contributed to the dynamic dynamics of the tournament. The elimination process, initiated with simultaneous games across the entire field, culminated in a thrilling grand final at the centre of the lawn. Ultimately, the primary focus remained on fostering good fun, camaraderie, and spirited gameplay throughout the event.

Although the tournament brought a winning team, this time all participants received equal prizes, without pointing out anyone, because the winners for us were all participants in this beautiful football story – from young players to coaches and other people who participated in the implementation of the tournament.

We are glad that as a Foundation we supported this tournament “Living my dream”. The main goal was the promotion of gender equality, the suppression of discrimination and, above all, the promotion of equality. Girls and boys participated in combined teams, which is the most important thing, and one message was sent that differences in any sense are not important or crucial. Girls can play just as good football as boys and it is very important to encourage as many such actions and tournaments as possible to try to work together to promote equality and gender equality.

Iva Cigrovskij, Nema Predaje Foundation President Of The Board

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