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Maksimir Stadium

Maksimirska cesta 128

10 000, Zagreb


GNK Dinamo - Maksimir stadium

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GNK Dinamo Zagreb

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GNK Dinamo Zagreb

GNK Dinamo Zagreb (or GNK Dinamo) is a Croatian professional football club based in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 1911 and plays at Maksimir stadium, GNK Dinamo is the most successful Croatian club, having won 28 national championships, 21 national cups, 5 national supercups, and the Inter-Cities Fair Cup (today’s UEFA Europa League) in 1967.

As one of the most recognisable brand of Croatia’s capital Zagreb, and the club with the most fans in Croatia and among Croats all around the world, GNK Dinamo has always been more than just a football club. To the fans, Dinamo is much more than football and sport in general. The club and the players feel great pride, but also carry enormous responsibility. GNK has invested a lot of energy and funds in social responsibility programmes. By helping the people in need, children with rare diseases, new-borns and many others, GNK Dinamo has not only become a synonym of excellent sport results and success, but also recognised as a caring club.

CSR Vision & Mission

GNK Dinamo’s mission is to create a friendly atmosphere for Dinamo fans and local community. The club implementing impactful projects and campaigns into the club’s strategy and create recognisable long-term activities, especially for local children. Additionally, the clubs is working towards improving existing projects and connecting with other European clubs in order to share experience and establish relationships for future cooperation.
Next to divers CSR projects and activities, the club organises charity events and participates in local and national charity campaigns.
The focus of GNK Dinamo’s CSR projects is set on education, promoting equality, educating employees, inviting fans to the stadium and promoting a healthy life for all ages.
Local children are the principal target group of the programmes.

Projects of GNK Dinamo Zagreb

Programmes objectives

  • Educating young people about the values of sport
  • Supporting young players in the Dinamo Youth Academy – first team players visit them and participate in a training session with them
  • Fair-play
  • Promoting equality and diversities
  • Helping local community through short-term and long-term activities
  • Integrating fans into the club
  • Promoting equality and diversity





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