KAA Gent introduces reusable drinking cups

13 April 2023

KAA Gent introduces reusable drinking cups

KAA Gent is taking another step in the green direction. As part of its sustainability strategy and the fight against plastic, the Belgian club will from now on use reusable drinking cups in the Ghelamco Arena. More than 1 million disposable cups will be saved annually.

In cooperation with manufacturer Goodless and brewer Alken-Maes, KAA Gent is introducing the Smart Cup for this purpose. These reusable cups are hard-drinking cups that replace disposable ones. As a result, they no longer end up in the rubbish bin immediately, but are reused after professional cleaning.

Each cup is equipped with a chip. Thanks to this chip, the purchase of your consumption and the refund of the deposit are not only digital but also personalised. Empty cups are deposited in one of the insertion machines on the promenade of the stadium. Each cup is used a maximum of 1 time per match day. In total, the cup can be used an average of 30 times. Afterwards, it is recycled again for new uses by the waste partner Veolia.

The reusable cup was already used in the Telenet stand during KAA Gent-Eupen. It will also be reused in Tribune 4 during the home match against Union on 8 April. At a later stage, the reusable cup will also be gradually introduced in the other stands.

Thanks to the RFID chip in the cup, you always get the money back on your consumption card, regardless of who puts the cup in the vending machine. Handy, isn’t it?

Watch the full flow in the video below:


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