KAA Gent Started Selling Reusable Cups

26 September 2023

KAA Gent Started Selling Reusable Cups

As part of their sustainability strategy and in the fight against plastic, KAA Gent is taking another step in the green direction. In cooperation with Goodless, KAA Gent is the first club in Belgium to make use of reusable cups, with an initial deposit being charged, which then flows back to the payer. Regardless of who deposits the cups in the vending machine.

What does a pint cost?

From now on, every fan will drink pints from 25 cl cups everywhere in the stadium. Per pint, you pay €2.50. For a reusable cup, you pay a deposit of €1.50 when you buy your consumption. This deposit will be refunded on your consumption card once you deposit the cup in the vending machine.

How does this work?

Go to the bar and pay for your pints.
You pay a deposit of €1.50 per cup.
Place your empty cup upside down in the vending machine
The person who made the payment will receive another €1.50 on the consumption card.

Lost your cup? Given a round? Doesn’t Matter!

Thanks to the RFID chip in the cup, you always get the money back on your consumption card, regardless of who puts the cup in the vending machine.


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