KF Vllaznia presents ambassador of #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024

26 March 2024

KF Vllaznia presents ambassador of #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024

KF Vllaznia aims to develop interesting projects with a social aspect and focus on developing new initiatives on the benefit of their communities in general and in particular to the citizens of the town of Scutari. The Albanian football is proud to present ambassador of #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024.

The club’s framework is focused on inclusiveness within community engagement, youth development and partnerships and collaborations within local organisations. FC Vllaznia in order to follow the framework has developed 5 active info-sessions with a special focus on youngsters. The importance of sports has been brought to several students, where as well they could found out more about social initiatives done by the Albanian club. On the top of that, the club aims to create special opportunities for them by inviting students to watch football games of KF Vllaznia for free.

In addition to community engagement, earlier this month, Vllaznia has invited resident of the “Home for the Elderly” to attend a live football match at the stadium. Ben’s experience can be watched here.

“I’m feeling very excited and grateful that came to watch the match live in the stadium. I want to thank the club for the opportunity and especially the artist Sidrit Bejleri who is accompanying me today to watch this match together. I felt not only the magic of the football match, but the connection with other people who share the same love for our heart team. For me it was a memory that will cherish forever.”

Ben, resident of the “Home for the Elderly”

During the match days, the club dedicates special attention to the children by giving them opportunity to walk with football players into the pitch. Besides that, FC Vllaznia creates special competitions for its supporters with a chance of winning signed jerseys.

KF Vllaznia is proud to announce that Bekim Balaj, captain of the club, has been selected as this year’s ambassador for the #MoreThanFootball Action Weeks 2024.

“As the captain of FC Vllaznia, playing in this team is more than football, because it’s the history and culture of a city. Simply the fact that you can make happy the whole city and all fans, that is the moment when you realize that the football is much more than just a game.

Through initiatives like community outreach programs, charity events and grassroots development, football becomes a vehicle for promoting inclusivity, diversity and opportunity. In essence football is a force for unity, inspiration and empowerment, enriching lives and transforming communities worldwide.

Football keeps us together like a big family.”

Bekim Balaj, Captain of KF Vllaznia

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