KF Vllaznia

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Djepaxhijej,Stadiumi Loro Borici, Shkoder, Albania, 4001

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KF Vllaznia

The objective of Football Club Vllaznia is to advance, oversee, and advocate for the sport of football by participating in official events organized by the Albanian Football Association, UEFA, and FIFA. We view football not only as a public good but also as a means to promote a healthy lifestyle, foster social inclusion, and encourage mutual understanding among various cultures, both within and beyond Albania.

Their Goal

Through the establishment of our Football Academy, which caters to athletes from U-6 to U-21, our goal is to provide every child and adult with the opportunity to engage in football. This enables them to come together while upholding the principles of fair play, which serves as a tool for comprehending the rules of a democratic society and contributing to the progress of a democratic and inclusive community.

Their Vision

KF Vllaznia fully aligns with the goals and mission of EFDN and is deeply committed to crafting captivating social projects. Our enduring focus revolves around establishing networks, forging partnerships, and instigating fresh initiatives that bring benefits to communities at large and, more specifically, to our fellow citizens. We believe that we have a wealth of knowledge to offer and that we can gain valuable insights from global experiences, which we are enthusiastically eager to engage in.

Pact for Football Development

In May 2023, the President of KF Vllaznia, Mr. Alban Xhaferi, and the Mayor of Shkodra, Mr. Benet Beci, came together to sign the Pact for Football Development. This pact is aimed at championing football as a vehicle for social inclusion, engaging the youth, and fostering opportunities for the citizens of the city. To learn more about this initiative click here.

KF Vllaznia maintains an enduring commitment to prioritizing and supporting vulnerable groups and those in need. In this video, you can witness our players taking part in an initiative where they serve food to residents at an elderly care facility.

Earthquake Donation

On February 6, 2023, KF Vllaznia expressed solidarity with the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. All the proceeds from the football match between Vllaznia and Tirana at Loro Borici Stadium, totalling fifteen thousand and three hundred euros, were donated to the earthquake victims’ solidarity fund.

KF Vllaznia has embarked on another noteworthy initiative focused on fostering tourism through sports. In the summer of 2023, President Mr. Alban Xhaferi of KF Vllaznia and Mayor Mr. Rrok Dodaj of Puka, a picturesque city in the Albanian mountain region, signed an agreement to promote tourism through sports and create fresh opportunities for youth involvement.