KMSK Deinze from Belgium joins the Network

20 July 2022

KMSK Deinze from Belgium joins the Network

EFDN welcomes Belgian club KMSK Deinze to the Network. The family-orientated club always approaches its activities from a family point of view to provide everyone with a feeling of belonging. With their social engagement, they want to further develop their responsibilities within the city of Deinze and the community around it.  By becoming an EFDN Member the organisation wants to be able to provide the best social support possible to its local community.

As the club considers still being in a learning phase regarding their CSR activities, they hope to learn how to develop a CSR programme by getting tips & tricks from inside the network. It will help them to develop, organise and manage their own programmes. This process will be useful and helpful to other clubs who will join the network in the future. Deinze hopes then to expand the gathered knowledge and share this with other newcomers.

Koninklijke Maatschappij Sportkring (literally Royal Society Sports Circle) Deinze acts nowadays in the Challenger Pro League, the second tier of Belgian Football. It’s their vision to focus on a family-first point of view as it is important that all different ages are represented at KMSK Deinze. They want to be a gathering spot for all social groups and provide them with a place to develop themselves. The club also emphasizes the importance of healthy nutrition on a daily basis and made it one of their goals to make young people aware of the importance of healthy food.

KMSK Deinze already developed a couple of initiatives:

Together with players of the First team, the club went plogging around a local lake. This is to raise awareness among both young and old to sort litter and not to dump it. In the spring of 2018, the whole world was under the spell of the new fitness trend plogging, originating in Sweden. The word plogging is a contraction of the words jogging and plocka (collecting). Plogging is a sporty way of getting rid of litter. By plogging, you immediately clear away everything you come across.

Back to school initiative
KMSK Deinze wants to provide all new schoolchildren with a lunch box and a water bottle. By doing so, we want to make them aware of the disposable waste that is often used at school lunches. Many children take their food with them in foil and drinks in plastic bottles. With this action, the club wants to change this and reduce the amount of garbage.

Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN. “We are happy that KMSK Deinze joins the network. Deinze has a lot of ambitions regarding the development of its CSR branch and enrolled already on some promising social initiatives. As EFDN we will help them to set up and shape their CSR programmes.” 


KMSK Deinze – Plogging

The Belgian club, KMSK Deinze, is a family-orientated club. They always approach their activities from a family point ...