MDT programme helps children find their talents at Vitesse United

7 February 2023

MDT programme helps children find their talents at Vitesse United

A special event took place on Papendal at Vitesse United with some important figures present at the location. Mayor of the city Arnhem, Ahmed Marcouch with freestyle footballer and television host Soufiane Touzani were present to support the kids who are attending the MDT (Social Service Time) programme.

Ahmed Marcouch praised the MDT project in the city as it is great for the character of the young people of Arnhem; becoming smart and strong by helping people in those neighborhoods with the right push and being coached and encouraged on all sides. He encourages younger audience in Arnhem to register for Vitesse Betrokken to test their potential and talents in such a series of sixteen instructive training courses that belongs to the Social Service Period.

The mayor also encourages them to invite their friends as well for different MDT programmes as everybody’s talent can be found or rely on a different programme. After, he mentions that playing together and still stepping forward, is a type of art and quotes Johan Cruyff: “Without a team we don’t win” and then he added, “Because otherwise, you can’t score”. Finally, he said “Football at MDT is about so much more than football: the art of tackling setbacks, thanks to good examples around you.” He also thanked Soufiane Touzani for supporting the programme, and he expects many more public figures to support this great cause.


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