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Stichting Vitesse Betrokken

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Vitesse Arnhem does not only move people with football on the field, but also far beyond! Vitesse is deeply rooted in society: the region of Arnhem and Vitesse need one another. That has been the case since its establishment in 1892. Put differently: football moves and connects since 1892 in Arnhem and beyond.

Vitesse feels a strong social responsibility. We believe in the power of football! Football can reach people and make them move. For this reason, the Vitesse Betrokken Foundation was established by Vitesse in 2007. Vitesse Betrokken is the social heart of the club. The purpose of the foundation is to be socially active in the region of Arnhem by using the power of football in our community activities. The societal role refers to improving living standards of individuals, groups, neighborhoods or communities. The foundation also aims to connect (potential) Vitesse-supporters with the club and to maintain and enhance this connection, all based on mutual commitment. In order to give meaning to our societal role we focus on projects and activities based on one (or more) of the pillars: health | sportsmanship and respect | talent development.

Within all projects, programs and activities we aim to develop and exploit or (re)discover the talents of the participants. Our main target group is youngsters and disabled people, but we focus on supporters of middle-aged and elderly people as well. Vitesse OldStars, for example, purposes to activate people aged over 60 in a social and sportive way.
A demand-oriented and open attitude are relevant. We work together with our societal partners. In collaboration we strive to serve society by using the strengths of Vitesse Arnhem.


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