Member Christmas initiatives: FCM Samfund use first team players as Santa Claus

21 December 2023

Member Christmas initiatives: FCM Samfund use first team players as Santa Claus

At the beginning of December, FC Midtjylland super league players Aral Simsir and Adam Gabriel were handing out Christmas presents to children from families with fragile finances, this is part of an initiative of FCM Samfund. The distribution takes place in Central and Western Jutland, where parents and school staff have been able to apply for a very special experience for children in need of a star moment.

The best Christmas present of the year for 210 children in Jutland is a bulging sports bag filled with football boots, football, towel, water bottle and sportswear – topped with a free membership of the local sports club. Jacob (13) and Finhas (14) were extra lucky – they were presented with the gift by a real super league player from FC Midtjylland.

“These children would otherwise just have to watch their friends find community, joy and fitness in the local sports club. Unfortunately, their parents can’t afford football boots and memberships. That’s why it’s a huge pleasure to give them free access to a community that we ourselves value enormously.”

Aral Simsir, striker for FC Midtjylland

The gift that keeps on giving

The sports equipment bag helps kids into a rewarding and healthy community at the local sports club. Studies show that before receiving the gift, only one in three children were members of a sports club. Two years after receiving the gift, more than four out of five are still members.

This is the fifth year in a row that FCM Samfund has distributed Christmas gifts in Central Jutland. A total of 1,200 children and young people have received the overflowing sports bags with football boots, training clothes, towels, water bottles, a year’s membership to a local football club and a ticket to a 3F Superliga match.

“Our goal is to give as many children and young people as possible access to a football club where they meet strong social relationships and communities. The local sports clubs also get a gift. Our studies show that young people often get their parents involved in the club. The number of active parents in the clubs doubles compared to before the family received the Christmas gift.”

Preben Rokkjær, CEO of FCM Samfund

This occasion is paid for by FC Midtjylland’s first team squad, who donate DKK 1,000 for every league goal they score in the last three months of the year to the Christmas gifts!

Young people get help finding a job or education

This is FC Midtjylland’s department for “giving back” to the community that created the club. The organisation is particularly known for the project “Together on the Field”. It helps young people who have stalled due to illness, unemployment or addiction. The young people are given a loving push that helps more than half of them find a lasting job or education. The project builds on the super league club’s experience in training top talent in football, but does not require interest or participation in sports. Young people from “Sammen Går Vi På Banen” have packed this year’s 210 bags for local children. The young people also help distribute the Christmas presents. So does former minister Helge Sander, who sits on the board of FCM Samfund.


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