N.E.C. raises money for child-friendly hospital rooms

7 April 2021

N.E.C. raises money for child-friendly hospital rooms

High performance sport. That is what links N.E.C. and the Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital. High performance is not only necessary on the football pitch to win matches, but also in the hospital to save lives. By now, both organisations have been working together for more than five years.

Normally, the entire team of N.E.C. visits the Amalia Children’s Hospital to give the children lying there a carefree day. Now that this is not possible due to COVID-19, both parties are looking for other ways to make a difference for the sick children in hospital. In that context, N.E.C. will raise money to make children’s rooms child-friendly.

“Because of the corona crisis, everything is different. Also for us and our patients in the children’s hospital. The distractions we could normally provide have now become almost impossible. And we miss all that. We are therefore very happy with the action of N.E.C. On the one hand for their initiative to raise money to furnish our rooms in a more child-friendly way, and on the other hand for doing this together with us and offering one of our patients an unforgettable day. Our own Mobile Medical Team from the trauma helicopter is also happy to contribute to this” said Jan Peter Rake, Medical Director Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital

Wilco van Schaik, general director of N.E.C., says: “It is wonderful that, with N.E.C., we can mean something for the children who need it so much. The cooperation with the Amalia Children’s Hospital shows that N.E.C. is more than just football. If we can make a visit to the hospital more bearable for a child, we should not fail to do so. We hope that our supporters will also do their bit.”

Bid on the match worn shirts and support the project here.



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