N.E.C.’s blind stand celebrates its 10th anniversary

6 February 2024

N.E.C.’s blind stand celebrates its 10th anniversary

During the Eredivisie match between N.E.C. and Heracles last weekend, there was special celebration. The blind stand has been operating for exactly ten years, marking a significant milestone for inclusivity in sports. Thanks to the specially equipped stand, blind and visually impaired supporters can experience their club’s matches in detail with headsets.

For a decade now, Hans de Beun, Bart Frouws, Leendert Haijemaije and Paul Frenken have been providing supporters with special commentary on the Blind Stand, so that they too can enjoy the N.E.C’s experience. Everything is detailed: from chances and goals to players’ tattoos. Hans de Beun has been doing this from the start at N.E.C.

The commentators of the Blind Stand did not only cover Saturday’s match for the blind and visually impaired in the stands, but also on the radio via radio partner RN7. In this way, all supporters had opportunity to experience a match in this way.

“As a radio partner of N.E.C., we were immediately enthusiastic about this campaign, which is why we made our live radio report available for the match against Heracles Almelo. We think it is important that such social projects receive attention through broadcasting and in this way everyone can enjoy football.”

Maurice de Mandt, program leader of RN7

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