Real Betis Foundation launches Megabeticos

28 November 2022

Real Betis Foundation launches Megabeticos

Real Betis Foundation launches the Megabeticos project together with the Ideas Foundation. It is a free solidarity initiative that offers school support and online pedagogical reinforcement to children from all over Spain who are at risk or in a situation of social exclusion

Megabeticos aims to reduce school absenteeism, the digital divide, grade repetition, early school leaving or school failure among the most economically vulnerable children whose families lack the economic resources to help their children with their studies.

The Green and Whites’ Foundation launches this initiative on Teacher’s Day. Megabeticos will work thanks to an important number of volunteers who offer their free collaboration to give these classes at least a minimum of two hours a week and a maximum of 15 hours a week.

For the implementation of this initiative, Real Betis and the Ideas Foundation are looking for megabetics who want to help those who need this school support. Specifically, they are looking for young students -many of the volunteers will do their university internships in the Megabetics project-, active teachers, retired people and anyone who believes they can help vulnerable minors to get out of their situation of risk of exclusion through school support and who also have the time to give these classes through a quarterly commitment.

Megabetics is aimed at children who study primary and secondary school and whose families do not have sufficient resources to have private school support. As it is online, both the megabeticos volunteers and the beneficiary children can live anywhere in Spain.

This new project, which is part of the Real Betis Foundation’s Education Programme, is based on the existing structure of the Megaprofes Initiative that the Ideas Foundation launched during the pandemic in March 2020 and which has won several regional and national awards thanks to the great solidarity work it has been carrying out. Megabéticos aims with this initiative to collaborate in the strengthening and expansion of Megaprofes thanks to the impulse offered by the Real Betis Foundation.

Education Programme of Real Betis Foundation

Fulfilling the foundational objective of promoting education in values and the execution of projects for the improvement of opportunities and quality of life of vulnerable populations, especially children and adolescents, the Foundation develops a specific programme of education with projects such as the Club de Lecturas en verdiblanco, Del Cole al Betis, the Jornada de Derecho Deportivo, donations of school material to families and schools with less resources or the support to the Azarías Project.


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