Return of Audio-Description at Toulouse FC Stadium

16 August 2022

Return of Audio-Description at Toulouse FC Stadium

As of this Sunday’s game between French EFDN Member Toulouse FC and OGC NICE, the matches at the Stadium will once again be available in audio description for blind and visually impaired people.

Audio description of matches

In partnership with the disability, accessibility and social life department of Toulouse City Council, Toulouse FC is once again providing an audio description service for matches at the Stadium. Adapted to football, this technique makes matches accessible to blind or visually impaired people thanks to commentaries that describe the visual elements of the action. Two sports journalists in training (from journalism schools in Toulouse) and specially trained for this system will provide the commentary. 30 devices will be loaned during the match to allow you to enjoy a unique experience: an immersion in the atmosphere of the Stadium with detailed commentaries of the match!

How to benefit from audio description?

People with a ticket will be able to collect the equipment (a small box and headphones) from the accreditation bungalow located at the West entrance, on the Fernand Jourdan side. Proof of identity (Mobility Inclusion card or priority card mentioning visual disability) and an identity card will be requested. The identity card will act as a deposit for the loan of the equipment and will be given back once the equipment has been returned. It will not be possible to reserve the equipment in advance, so the audio items will be loaned to the first thirty people who meet the criteria and who request it on the spot on the day of the match.

Evolution of the solution from September

Audio description will be available throughout the season for the Toulouse FC fans at their Stadium. Opposing fans will of course be able to benefit from it as well! And from September, an application available on mobile phones will replace the system of boxes to simplify your experience at the stadium. The club will keep informing the fans of all further developments.


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