Roda JC Has a New Shirt Sponsor: Gezond in Mijn Streek (Healthy in My Region)

2 August 2023

Roda JC Has a New Shirt Sponsor: Gezond in Mijn Streek (Healthy in My Region)

Parkstad is one of the most unhealthy regions in the Netherlands. As a club, they are making every effort to tackle this problem for good reason, because increasing health is extremely important for their region, for everyone who lives here, for the companies located there and of course for Roda JC.

The value of health

Health contributes to our quality of life, making it a great social good. The health sector uses a calculated value per healthy year of life. This value includes increased productivity, labour participation, social (voluntary) activities, resilience and avoided healthcare costs. This calculation shows that increasing (perceived) health by just a few percentage points represents a value of hundreds of millions per year for the region. Together with their partners, Roda JC will fully commit to this, with the same drive as in realising their sporting ambitions.

Huge step forward

To be of long-term value to the region every day, Roda JC sets the mission in word and deed: Gezond in Mijn Streek, Healthy in My Region in English. An initiative that they developed completely independently from the club, proving their value in the region every day. And this has not gone unnoticed. Stakeholders Roger Hodenius, Stijn Koster, Bert Peels and Stienstra Wonen remain involved with the club. The Kerkrade municipality also recently showed that it is putting new effort into working with Roda JC. Together they are putting their efforts into Gezond in Mijn Streek, which is developing into a so-called ‘regional collective’ and will feature as the new main partner on the back of the shirt. Moreover, on request of Roda JC, the Open University, headquartered in Heerlen, will start a pilot study on the impact of one of the programmes after the summer. The involvement of the municipality, business and education sectors shows the broad regional support for Gezond in Mijn Streek.

“This is another huge step forward. It ensures not only more financial stability in the coming years, but also confidence towards current and new partners. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to grow with new partners. It is an open construction and therefore an immediate invitation to all companies in the region to join!”

Jordens Peters, General Director of Roda JC

Competing on and off the pitch

Gaining constant visibility on the match jersey and through all Roda JC channels will create more reach and awareness for a healthy mining region. In addition, they will launch more projects and activities so that they achieve results faster and ultimately have more impact. And that is necessary, because those who know the numbers don’t look away. More and more companies are therefore joining their collective race to catch up. It has opened doors that had remained closed in previous years, allowing them to continue to grow as a club, both athletically and in terms of social impact. Based on their deepest conviction, that when the region is doing well, Roda JC is doing well.

Roger Hodenius concludes:

“This club is incredibly important for the region. That is why we are so proud of the role Roda JC is now playing. We will continue to build on this commitment in the coming years. This is how we are shaping our race to catch up, on and off the pitch. This club belongs to the region. As it should.”

Roger Hodenius, Stakeholder

The new shirt, including printing, is now on sale in the Roda JC fanshop or online.


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