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Roda JC Kerkrade

Dutch club Roda JC Kerkrade aims for a healthy region in which, through cooperation, innovation and decisiveness, vitality and health become the region’s strength. Roda JC is looking forward to benefit of the knowledge available within the EFDN network and the inspiration that can be gained from other members’ expertise. They will contribute by sharing their knowledge and experience and being open to contact with other network members.

Find here some of the community activities of Roda JC.

Roda JC School Tour

With the Roda JC School Tour, Roda JC gets children moving. Sufficient exercise is a challenge in the region, which is why they focus on exercise with the Roda JC School Tour. Children get a full day of lessons in the Roda JC stadium. In this day, fun and exercise are central. There is a press conference with first team players, an Escape Room, an active quiz, a healthy snack, lunch and a visit to the indoor trampoline park. In the same week as the visit to the stadium, Roda JC visits the school. During their big break, Roda actively engage with the children by offering sports and games. As icing on the cake, the children in the upper school receive a free match ticket for a Roda JC home game.

Roda JC District Tour

With the Roda JC District Tour, Roda JC offers a free, low-impact football activity in the districts. In this way, they encourage movement and aim to increase sports participation. The weekly activities are led by Roda JC coaches. By connecting neighbourhood sports coaches, clubs and social organisations during the Roda JC Neighbourhood Tour, they achieve not only more exercise but also other vitality and health goals.

Walking football

Every week, over-65s are active during Walking Football training sessions at Roda JC’s youth complex. Led by their own trainer, this large group of seniors is on the move and socially active. Every year they take part in several Walking Football tournaments in which they can compete with teams from other (professional) football clubs.

Roda JC – Scoring with Fruit and Vegetables

Together with National Programme Heerlen Noord, RJC started offering free fruit and vegetables at schools in its region. By doing so, they ensure that schoolchildren eat healthier at school. In some cases, without the free fruit and vegetables, children would have no food at all. By giving children healthy food and informing them about it, they give the youngest generation a better chance of growing up healthy.


Roda JC Kerkrade Initiatives

Roda JC School Tour With the Roda JC School Tour, Roda JC gets children moving. Sufficient exercise is ...