“Score Goals, Plant Trees”: New Trees For Bremen

7 June 2023

“Score Goals, Plant Trees”: New Trees For Bremen

Action between SV Werder and Sparkasse Bremen brings 30 new trees. In the 2022/23 season, the women’s Bundesliga team of SV Werder Bremen carried out the “Score goals, plant trees” campaign together with the Sparkasse Bremen. After the end of the competitive games, a positive balance can be drawn again.

Since the start of the campaign, Sparkasse Bremen has planted a tree for every goal scored by the Werder women in the Bundesliga and in the DFB Cup. In cooperation with the environmental company Bremen, 20 trees were already planted in the Hanseatic city in the past season. Goals this season added another 26 trees. 

“We are happy to round up to 30 trees for the great season performance and the league we achieved. The partnership with the Werder women and the campaign ‘Score goals, plant trees’ are for us as Sparkasse Bremen a great opportunity to show our connection to women’s football and at the same time to demonstrate our responsibility for the environment and sustainability in Bremen.

Nicola Oppermann, Sparkasse Bremen’s Spokeswoman

“We are very happy that with the ‘Score goals, plant trees’ campaign we are making Bremen’s cityscape a bit greener this year I, as an ambassador, and we as a whole team are very pleased that the goals had another positive effect in addition to our sporting success.”

Nina Lührßen, Ambassador and Footballer of SV Werder Bremen

Positive Cooperation for Bremen

The new trees contribute to the green infrastructure in Bremen and support the concept of the “edible city” since the fruits are freely accessible to the residents. The “Score goals, plant trees” campaign shows how women’s football, the environment and the common good can be successfully combined in Bremen.

“In view of our own club goals – to promote a sustainable way of working and living – I am very pleased that our women’s Bundesliga team is taking on a role model function with the campaign. The fact that we can implement such projects with partners like Sparkasse Bremen also shows how important sustainability and diversity are to us.”

Anne-Kathrin Laufmann, Managing Director of SV Werder Bremen

Sparkasse Bremen and Werder Bremen have been joining forces since 2015 to create a positive dynamic for the city. In addition to supporting the women’s and men’s soccer Bundesliga teams, the cooperation focuses in particular on the promotion of children and young people and sets common standards on the topic of inclusion.


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