SCU Torreense has joined the EFDN as an official member

30 March 2020

SCU Torreense has joined the EFDN as an official member

We welcome Portuguese Association Football Club, Sport Clube União Torreense as a new member of the European Football for Development Network. 

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Sport Clube União Torreense was founded in Torres Vedras in 1917, with the original name Sport União Torreense. For a long time, the Club has had historical relations with other renowned Portuguese clubs, such as Belenenses Football Club and leaders and entrepreneurs have been involved to uphold the club that represents the community.


More recently, the club developed several social actions like school support, training to improve parental behaviour, school holiday activities and promotion of the integration and well being of people with disabilities.

The club carries out several CSR programmes and activities, such as: 

The “Futsal Igual” project initiates every scholar year, in September and finishes in June of the next year. During the 10 months of activities, SCUT’s scout’s search for the best female young athletes, in a partnership with several local schools. Their coaches are also involved and train some classes (boys and girls) and help school professors to organise 3 tournaments per year. Only teams with girls and boys are allowed to participate in these mentioned tournaments.

SCUT’s “Goalball” project is in development and the club expect to compete in the next year. Nowadays, they are joining the best local and regional Goalball players. Some of the club’s partners and coaches are also identified to be part of this project.

“Eco SCUT” is another SCUT programme which was developed in partnership with Oceanos Sem Plasticos association, in the implementation phase. The club’s young athletes are taught to respect the environment and to assimilate good environmental behaviours and practices.

“eSCUTa” programme initiates every scholar year, in September and finish in June of the following year. Every day, each of the club’s athletes can be helped by their professors. With these lessons after/before football training, youngsters can be better prepared for the exams and with this school support, can go on to achieve better grades. By public vote, this program was also awarded a financial prize within the local community.

SCU Torreense participates in our ‘Supporter of Each other‘ campaign. The goal of this new campaign is to inspire people, players, fans, clubs, leagues, FAs and all other organisations and companies to support each other to overcome the current COVID-19 crisis.

To find out more information about our new member SCU Torreense, see their member page here.


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